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Staying Safe on Trains

Trains are one of the safest forms of public transport, but this does not mean that your safety is guaranteed when you are using the train. In order to improve your safety and the safety of those who are around you, you might find it useful to follow this advice:

Always Travel with the Right Ticket

Make sure that you buy the correct ticket before you board the train, or find a conductor as soon as possible if you have not been able to buy your ticket at the station because the ticket machine is broken. If you do not have the right ticket, you may be asked to leave the train at the next station, and you may be required to pay a fine.

Stay away from the Platform Edge

When you are waiting for a train at the station, you should always stay well back from the platform edge. As well as the possibility that you could fall onto the tracks, or be accidentally or deliberately pushed onto the tracks by a passerby, you are also putting yourself at risk from express services. These trains do not stop at the station, and often pass through at high speeds. Many stations have a safety line, which you should not cross unless boarding.

Mind the Gap

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

When you are boarding or disembarking the train, be aware of the gap between the train and the platform. This gap is often worse at platforms which are on a curve, rather than a straight line. If you drop anything between the train and the platform, do not try to retrieve it by yourself, as you may be injured if the train sets off. Inform a member of station staff, and they will be able to take the correct precautions to help you.

Never Board a Moving Train

Do not attempt to board or disembark a train which is already moving. Although you may be desperate to make your connection, it is not worth putting your life at risk. It is much easier to slip, trip or fall when the train is moving, and it is possible that you will fall between the train and the platform.

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Do not put/throw Things out of the Window

Although it may be tempting to try to lean out of the window, or to put your arms out, you should never put anything out of the window. Trains move very quickly, which means that if you are hit by an object, the collision will occur at high speed, and is likely to cause more damage. As well as hurting you, this can cause damage to the train and to other people.

Keep an eye on your Possessions

When travelling by train, it is important to keep your possessions close to you. Thieves can operate on trains, and may target the contents of your bag whilst you are idly staring out the window. It is best to keep your handbag in front of you if you are sat in an open-plan section of the train. If possible, try to store larger luggage on an overheard rack close to you.

Report Anything Suspicious

If you see anything suspicious, such as people leaving bags or packages lying around, it is important that you say something. In the best case scenario, you will be helping to reunite someone with a possession that they may have left behind by accident. In the worst case scenario, the package may have been left by a terrorist. If you do feel threatened by someone, you can move carriages, and report their behaviour to a member of train staff, who will be able to contact the transport police if necessary.